How do we rate?

Finding the best products and services around you is a daunting task, not to mention the time and effort it’ll take to search the one thing that actually fit your needs.

We at Best In Ratings strive to make this searching process less painful to our readers. So, we do the maths on your behalf and do your work of finding what’s best near you.

To ensure that we’re giving each product or service a fair rating, our rigorous 25-rating parameters factor everything into account including business reputation, service ratings, years of existence, online presence, public reviews, complaints, level of satisfaction, cost, and most importantly trust factor, among others.

Let’s look at the parameters one by one so that you can understand how critical we’re about being honest and unbiased.

1. Business history

How long the business has been operating?

2. Type of ownership

Is the business Family-owned, Government, LLC, Partnership, or sole proprietorship and corporation?

3. Business location

Where’s the business located? Is it located near the place you intend to?

4. Range of products or services

What’s the range of products or services? Is there enough variety offered by the business related to your search query?

5. Paid products or services

What are the paid products or services? Is membership necessary? What are the modes of payment?

6. Free products or services

Are there any free products or services? or Are there any limited time trials?

7. Cost comparison

How much each product or service cost in comparison to others in the market? Where do the business stand in price effectiveness?

8. Special discounts

Are there any exclusive discounts like festival deals or flat price offers provided by the business to its customers?

9. Business images or videos

How many business images or videos are publicly available? Are they authentic?

10. Social media followers

What’s the social media outreach for a business? How many followers does it have?

11. Type and frequency of social media posts

What does a business entity post on social platforms? How frequently it post?

12. Customer engagement over social media

What’s the level of customer engagement mainly on Facebook & Twitter? How often the business owner replies to the customer queries?

13. Official website

Does it have a functional website?

14. Type of information provided on the website

What type of information is listed on the official website? Is the information self-explanatory?

15. User-friendliness of the website

Is it a comprehensive website with functionalities such as online appointments? Can a customer chat with company representative on the official website?

16. Recognition

Is it globally recognised? Are there any awards or titles won by the business?

17. Business achievements

How many milestones the business has achieved over the years?

18. Public complaints

Are there any public complaints filed by the customers who used the services?

19. Grievance redressal

How long does it take for the business to resolve consumer grievances?

20. Online ratings

How the business has been rated specifically on Google?

21. Online reviews

What type of reviews the business has accumulated over the period of its service?

22. Review legitimacy

Are these reviews legitimate and from a real user?

23. Business specialization

What’s the special product or service that’s exclusive to the business?

24. Business expansion

How many branches does it have in the area of service?

25. Overall satisfaction

How much we satisfied based on the overall 24-point inspection?
Please note that some rating parameters may not be applicable to all products and services.

So you see, we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and think about whether we would buy the exact product or service. If the response is affirmative, we’ll list it on our website.

Otherwise, if it doesn’t pass our ratings, we’ll simply continue our search until we find “THE BEST”. If something isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for you.

That’s how it works!

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If you think you deserve to be called the Best in ratings, submit your business details so that our team can review your business.