TOP 5 BEST Thai Massage in Northampton

A stressed-out body and mind call for therapeutic touch. In the hands of Northampton Thai Massage Therapists, your aches and pains can be massaged away in no time. 

Thai massage is a therapeutic touch technique that differs greatly from conventional massage in many aspects. You lie on a mat on the floor rather than on a massage table as the practitioner manipulates your body in specific ways to activate organs and increase flexibility. Traditional Thai medicine includes Thai massage.

In this post, we’ve curated a list of top-rated local Thai Massage Parlours near you that hosts 5 star luxury rooms with large spa baths. The Thai massage places have been handpicked exclusively based on Business history, Public reviews, Type of ownership, Location, Range of Products/Services, Cost, Discounts (if any), Customer Engagement, and Awards & Recognition among other rating factors.

Northampton’s Best Thai Massage

Following are the 5 best Thai massage services that you could find in Northampton, UK:

S. No.Thai Massage ParloursRatings
1East Park Thai Massage Therapy4.6/5
2Supatra Thai Spa4.4/5
3Kingpaya Thai Spa & Therapy4.8/5
4Northampton Thai Massage4.9/5
5Five Palms Thai Spa Northampton4.5/5

1. East Park Thai Massage Therapy

1. East Park Thai Massage Therapy
BEST KNOWN FORThai Foot Massage & Leg Relaxing massage
TELEPHONE+44 7942 979426
ADDRESS26 E Park Parade, Northampton NN1 4LB, United Kingdom
OPENING TIMESMonday: 9:45am–7pm
Tuesday: 9:45am–7pm
Wednesday: 9:45am–7pm
Thursday: 9:45am–7pm
Friday: 9:45am–7pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 12–5:30pm
RATINGS 4.6 out of 5

Feel relaxed and renewed today at this Northampton Thai massage centre. East Park Thai Massage Therapy puts your needs first so you feel better as soon as possible. Mam Therapist (Owner), is a qualified massage therapist with a recognized diploma from the ministry of labour in Thailand with more than 16 years of experience.

She pays attention to what her clients want and works hard to make sure they receive the greatest treatments possible that meet their needs. Since every person is unique, she make sure that every single one of her clients looks fantastic, feels even better, and keeps returning.

The therapist will talk to you and advise what you think you need, you can tailor the Thai massage to suit your needs dedicating more or less time to desired areas.

Top Features

  • Cover Healthshield Insurance Plans
  • Easy online booking
  • Same day appointments may be available

Thai Massage Reviews

Another fantastic, rejuvenating massage from East Park Thai Massage. I literally feel like a new person. Mam is always developing her techniques and applying them to the session. No massage is ever the same as she will itentify and target areas of tension and tightness that need work, the result is always the same though, the best massage your ever going to get and a price that is unbeatable. PS two hours is always the best option 🙂

JJ Wiggins

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2. Supatra Thai Spa

2. Supatra Thai Spa
BEST KNOWN FORRelaxation Thai Massage & Facial with Sauna
TELEPHONE+44 1604 946448
ADDRESS34 York Rd, Northampton NN1 5QH, United Kingdom
OPENING TIMESMonday: 10am–8pm
Tuesday: 10am–8pm
Wednesday: 10am–8pm
Thursday: 10am–8pm
Friday: 10am–8pm
Saturday: 10am–8pm
Sunday: 11am–5pm
RATINGS 4.4 out of 5

Visit Supatra Thai Spa in Northhampton for a genuine experience and to learn about various Thai, aromatherapy, sports, foot, head, neck, and shoulder massage techniques, as well as the body cleanses, facials, and saunas.

With its traditional floor beds and Thai decor, this spa will transport you to the far east and make it simpler for you to fall asleep quickly. The team has been working professionally for many years.

Wheelchair accessibility is available, and there is paid parking nearby. With the help of the professionals at Supatra Thai Spa, rebalance your body.

Thai Massage Reviews

Sunny is amazing at what she does! Such an incredible, thorough Thai massage, thanks! So friendly and such a beautiful place too, I feel refreshed and sunny was so understanding of my needs and what I wanted out of the massage! Thank you!


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3. Kingpaya Thai Spa & Therapy

BEST KNOWN FORThai Traditional Massage
TELEPHONE+44 1604 510258
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS13 Mare Fair, Northampton NN1 1SR, United Kingdom
OPENING TIMESMonday: 10am–7pm
Tuesday: 10am–7pm
Wednesday: 10am–7pm
Thursday: 10am–7pm
Friday: 10am–7pm
Saturday: 10am–7pm
Sunday: 10am–7pm
RATINGS 4.8 out of 5

Revitalise your mind, body, and spirit with the Luxury Spa treatments at Kingpaya Thai Spa & Therapy, Northampton. They offer a range of modern and traditional treatments by their professionally trained therapists.

A traditional Thai massage will cost you as follows:

– 30 minutes: £25

– 60 minutes: £45

– 90 minutes: £70

Top Features

  • Offers Kingpaya Gift Vouchers
  • Reasonably priced massage techniques

Thai Massage Reviews

I had a massage today with Joy. Was absolutely amazing. She was a lovely lady who checked I was OK all the time. She knew where to focus, she could feel where my tension was. Very enjoyable. Can’t wait to go back again!


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4. Northampton Thai Massage

4. Northampton Thai Massage
BEST KNOWN FORThai Hot Oil Massage, Thai Foot Massage
TELEPHONE+44 7398 785031
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSThe Annex, 3 Leith Ct, Hunsbury Hill Ave, Northampton NN4 8JE, United Kingdom
OPENING TIMESMonday: 9am–6pm
Tuesday: 9am–6pm
Wednesday: 9am–6pm
Thursday: 9am–6pm
Friday: 9am–6pm
Saturday: 10am–6pm
Sunday: 10am–6pm
RATINGS 4.9 out of 5

Treat yourself to a relaxing Thai massage utilising a combination of acupressure, reflexology, and hot oil massage at Northampton Thai Massage. As a fully qualified graduate of the ‘Thai Traditional Medical Services Society’ Wanthip offers sophisticated massage services including deep tissue massage for relaxation and sports massage to assist in the recovery from injury or to contribute to your body’s maintenance.

Wanthip has been a professional masseur for 10+ years. She is fully qualified by the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society. Wanthip combines technical Thai massage knowledge with deep tissue massage so that you can leave feeling fully relaxed.

Taking a Natural Thai Oil Massage from her is the perfect way to relax and unwind. It has many benefits including releasing stress and tension from tight or tired muscles. Moreover, it will cost you just £40 for 60 minutes of massage.

Thai Massage Reviews

Yet again another fantastic relaxing Thai massage by Meme, extreme value for money and you will most certainly leave here feeling relaxed!


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5. Five Palms Thai Spa Northampton

BEST KNOWN FORAromatherapy, Classic Thai Massage
TELEPHONE+44 1933 443133
ADDRESS25 The, Drapery, Northampton NN1 2ET, United Kingdom
OPENING TIMESMonday: 10am–8pm
Tuesday: 10am–8pm
Wednesday: 10am–8pm
Thursday: 10am–8pm
Friday: 10am–8pm
Saturday: 10am–8pm
Sunday: 10am–4pm
RATINGS 4.5 out of 5

The qualified therapists at Five Palms Thai Spa Northampton provide a variety of massage-based treatments for conditions like headaches, migraines, backaches, muscular aches, painful or stiff necks, and aching feet and legs. To help you unwind and recharge, use massage, aromatherapy, and reflexology techniques.

Their therapists use time-tested, effective methods that have been around for a very long time. Moreover, only high-quality natural spa products are used at Five Palms Thai Spa.

Thai Massage Reviews

Extremely professional and well-trained staff. The massage is authentic and tailored to your chosen strength. The music was very relaxing and the facilities so clean. The best Thai massage outside of Thailand!

F Azizi

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How much does Thai Massage cost in Northampton?

Here’s a table that will give you a complete picture of different Thai massage treatment prices in Northampton:

Thai Massage TherapyPrice Range
Thai Hot Oil Massage£40 – £80
Head, Back & Shoulders Massage£40 – £50
Back & Shoulder Massage£30 – £40
Thai Foot Massage £30 – £40


What do you wear to a Thai massage?

It is recommended that you should wear loose, comfortable clothes that make it easy to dress and undress. As changing time is included in your therapy session, if you are wearing layers of clothes it will cut short your massage time. 

What does a Thai massage include?

Compression, acupressure, and passive stretching are all used in Thai massage. Your muscles and joints can move more freely as a result. Additionally, this helps with posture.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a Thai massage therapist near you in Northampton; these 5 Thai massage spas are one of the best.

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